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Sales Force Automation

Zoho CRM's Sales force automation solution helps you to track leads, prospects, business opportunities and close more deals in less time. Additionally, you can effectively use the existing customer data for future up-selling and cross-selling opportunities.

Lead Management
Leads are raw details about individuals or representatives of organizations collected from trade shows, seminars, advertisements and other marketing campaigns.
Create Leads | Associate Leads | Convert Leads  | Approve Leads | Lead Rules
Account Management
Accounts are companies or departments within the companies with which you plan or have business dealings.
Create Accounts
 | Associate Accounts | Member Accounts
Contact Management
Contacts are people in an organization with whom you communicate in pursuit of a business opportunity.

Create Contacts
 | Associate Contacts  | Approve Contacts | Contact Rules
Potential/ OpportunityManagement
Potentials are the business deals with organizations or people that generate real revenue for your organization.
Create Potentials
 | Associate Potentials Big Deal Alert | Map Probability Values

Forecast Management
Forecasts are factual insight for tracking and fine-tuning the sales process in your organization.
Create Forecasts | Associate Forecasts Set Fiscal Year

CRM Analytics

Zoho CRM's Reports & Dashboards functionality helps you to visualize the sales pipeline, business performance, trends and schedule reports to the specified users including non-Zoho CRM users. Additionally, you can share reports and dashboards with colleagues.

Presentation of data or records for various modules as per requirement.
Create Reports|  Create Report Folders | Schedule Reports | Export Reports
A pictorial representation of your custom report data, which gives a real-time snapshot of your organization's key metrics.
Create Dashboards
|Create Dashboard Folders | Create Charts


Task Management
Task refers to a specific piece of work required to be done within a given time frame. In Zoho CRM, you can create recurring tasks and set reminders to your tasks.
Create Tasks | Set Recurring Tasks  | Set Reminders
Event Management
Event refers to an activity that happens at a given place and time. In Zoho CRM, you can create recurring events, set reminders, and add invitees to the event.
Create Events
|Set Recurring Events | Set Reminders | Add Invitees
Log Calls
Keep track of the inbound (received from leads and customers) and outbound (dialed to leads and customers) in Zoho CRM.
Log a Call
| Associate Calls

Workflow Management

Workflow Management automates your sales, marketing and support processes. You can also update the CRM data according to execution rules and assign customer records between users.

  • Workflow Rules - Rules executed when certain specified conditions are met. 
  • Workflow Alerts - Automated email notifications sent on triggering a rule.
  • Workflow Tasks - Tasks assigned to users when workflow rules are triggered.

Customer Support & Service

Zoho CRM's Cases and Solutions functionality empowers you to streamline the organization-wide Customer Support process and enable a better integration between Sales & Customer Support processes in a single system.

Case Management
Cases refer to the feedback received from the customers on various issues pertaining to the use of products or services.
Create Cases | Associate Cases | Approve Cases | Case Rules | Case Escalation
Solution Management
Solutions refer to the resources within the organization that enables solving repetitive problems encountered by customers.
Create Solutions
| Associate Solutions

Marketing Automation

With the Zoho CRM marketing automation, you can effectively plan marketing activities, improve the quality of leads generation process. Additionally, you can measure the performance and effectiveness (ROI) of campaigns.

Campaign Management
Campaigns refer to the marketing process which is planned, executed, distributed and analyzed..
Create Campaigns| Associate Campaigns 
Web Forms
Web forms will help you to capture leads contacts and cases online.
Create Web Forms
| Insert Captcha | Auto Response Rules
Email Marketing
Use emails to reach numerous customers by sending mass emails and use autoresponders to follow up with the customers.
Mass Emails
| Schedule Mass Emails | Autoresponders | Autoresponder Scenario

Zoho CRM Security Administration

Managing the complexities of security administration is one of the growing concerns in any company. In such demanding times, the availability of Security Management is considered predominant – affecting all sectors of an enterprise. The foundation of any security management is a model with role-based access control, enabling all the required functionality and authentication for a security system. Zoho CRM provides an Enterprise-grade Role-based security with a defined set of permissions and hierarchical accessibility. The diagram below represents this hierarchy. 


Note: To access these Administrator-specific functions, you must log into Zoho CRM system as an Administrator.

Manage Users
Manage all the users in your Zoho CRM account, deactivate users who are no longer part of the company account.

Create Users | Re-Invite Users | Activate/Deactivate Users | Delete Users' Accounts
Manage Profiles
Create profiles that define the access permissions for the users. Set module-level and feature-level permissions for different profiles.

Create Profiles | Module-level Security | Field-level Security | Associate Users
Manage Roles
Create roles for the users in your account like CEO, Sales Manager, Marketing Manager, Sales Reps etc.

Create Roles | Assign Roles
Manage Groups
Create groups to manage a common set of records  
with a group of members.
Create Groups | Share Records
Data Sharing Rules
Define rules that helps you share data with peers, superiors, and inferiors.

Manage Data Sharing | Audit Logs

Zoho CRM Plug-ins

With the Plug-in for Microsoft Outlook you can synchronize customer contacts, calendar, tasks and emails with Zoho CRM. Where as with Plug-in for Microsoft Office you can create Mail merge documents for customer contacts.

Zoho CRM Plug-in for Microsoft Outlook | Zoho CRM Plug-in for Microsoft Office | Zoho Mail Integration

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