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Arrow AV Group started using D-Tools in October of 2012 with little to no knowledge of the product or how to best utilize it.  Shortly thereafter, we received notice of a web-based training and were leery on if the expense would give us any returns.  We found that it paid for itself in the first 1.5 hour session.  The training sessions provided by Media Environment Design are hands-down the best business investment that our company has made this year. The experience and in-depth knowledge that Ryan Brown brings to the training are invaluable.


The training schedule is action packed, but kept at a pace that can be easily followed by any D-Tools user, no matter their experience.  We were so impressed with the initial training that all employees using D-Tools have now reviewed all of the training sessions, regardless of their responsibilities within the software because it helps them to see how the software is structured and why each step along the way is important. 

I would recommend this training to any new or experienced D-Tools user, there is always something new or a feature that you didn’t use that Ryan can uncover and bring new processes and streamlined procedures to your company.

– Shaun McClure, Systems Engineer, Arrow AV Group

Ryan, I just wanted to express my thanks for the excellent online training courses. It's already making quite a difference - your insights are incredibly helpful.

As a long time user of D-Tools, I was a little skeptical at first - but I quickly found that 'I didn't know how much I didn't know'. Your trainings helped me learn a lot about the 'right' way to use the software, which I am already beginning to leverage into better, more efficient design and documentation.

Unfortuately, that also meant I had to either adjust or start from scratch in a few areas...but I feel great about the results already. Everything feels more logically connected, it flows better as a unified system. We're also beginning to utilize D-Tools in our service department, which looks promising so far.

Thanks again,

Josh Golladay
Captive Audio LTD

Although we were not able to take all of the trainings during the live webinars, the ones we were able to attend were very helpful and well planned, looking forward to reviewing the rest as soon as we can. Bottom line is (and something that we have known for a long time) build a really good database. After 7 years of using D-tools we finally did this training so we could in fact build a good database. Ryan's course is worth it just for the database creation portion as D-tools is nothing without it. Fundamentally necessary for D-tools success! Sincerely,

Jeremiah Hines, Owner
Audio Video Experts

Dear Media Environment Design, I had the pleasure of working closely with Ryan Brown on a project recently and I felt that I needed to write a letter to describe my experience.  I called Ryan out of the Blue about 4 months ago inquiring about some D-Tools report assistance.  After explaining to Ryan that I wanted to create a custom report, in a way that D-Tools normally doesn’t want to work, Ryan asked me to send him a mock sample so he could review it.

Ryan reviewed a sample document I created in Microsoft Word and quoted me on turning my vision into a reality.  His quote was reasonably priced and noted completion in a time frame I couldn’t have achieved on my own.  After some time had passed, my company approved the quote and we contracted Ryan to complete the work.  He did so in the most professional of fashions, in a very short time frame and he emailed me at least once a week with updates regarding the status of the project.  He delivered the document and it was stunning!   We loaded the template into our D-Tools program and began running tests, one phone call to Ryan and an hour or so worth of technical assistance, and we had a document that we were extremely proud of.   

Ryan did an excellent job on this document and we wanted to thank both Ryan and MED for your expertise and assistance regarding this project.  The work product was certainly worth ten times the amount charged, and when another opportunity provides itself, we will not hesitate to call for more assistance. Sincerely,Raymond HollandProject Manager

Elite Home Technology


The training was excellent.  Ryan did a great job and was very knowledgeable and patient.  He had  good ideas to customize the software to fit our company needs.  We have some work to do to get our packages set up and the product data updated and complete then we should be ready to roll with it!

Laura Snarr

Reed's Built-ins

Ryan and Kyle,

I would like to offer my sincere thanks for all of your help in getting us up and running with D-Tools! Our subscription to MIT has been key not only in the beginning, but also as we delved further into the features of the software as part of our implementation. As a matter of fact, even now I find myself going back and referring to the on-demand videos for support from time to time. I am far from being a D-Tools expert, but with your help I have been able to accomplish all I have needed to along the way!

Many thanks!

Joe Tooley

AudioPerfection Inc.


I haven’t had a chance to do much database work since our recent training, but I was able to prepare a proposal for a 30K Multiple Zone system in about 2 hours early on a Saturday morning for a 9 AM meeting. The clients have requested a few changes, but the project should be a go. This would have taken me no less than 5-6 hours the “old way”. Making the changes was also very simple, saving even more time!

I am quickly seeing the value in our time and money spent on the software and your services. I’m sure there will still be more questions, but I know you are there to help. Moreover, I appreciate your follow up and your personal interest in our success.

Best regards,

Doug from Illinois

“Ryan Brown and the team at Media Environment Design go above and beyond the call of duty in order to ensure D-Tools customers have a productive, rewarding and pleasant experience utilizing the software.


MED has been a constant help and great resource and their work is conducted enthusiastically and in a friendly, professional manner.


I wish Ryan, Kyle and MED the very best future success and have had no hesitation in recommending them to several companies and will do so again for anyone looking to develop quality support of D-Tools in AV Systems Design.”


~Robert Mathews, CTS

Ryan, I would like to thank you and the MED team for the on-going support and successful implementation of D-Tools software. After 2 ½ years, we continue to rely on MED’s training classes, expertise and guidance. D-Tools is a complex software package that required extensive knowledge and planning to ensure a correct and successful set-up. MED’s understanding and step-by-step procedures were integral in that process.

After setup was complete, MED’s on-line and on-demand classes were a tremendous help in training our users in a timely, consistent and convenient manner. Additionally, we relied on MED’s individual attention and problemsolving skills to assist us in customizing the use of the software with our
company's unique needs. MED was always prompt in its response to our inquiries and able to answer our questions.

I am certain that I would not have been able to successfully deploy it without your assistance and I am grateful to have MED as a resource today as we continue to grow our operations around the D-Tools software package. I would highly recommend MED to other companies.

Very truly yours,

Denise Thomas
Chief Financial Officer

The Chariot Group

"Working with MED has been a true pleasure as well as an invaluable resource throughout the entire relationship with D-tools. At implementation Sam’s on site training and ability to help our various positions understand their roles within a new process got us up and running in a fraction of the time it would have taken us on our own. Beyond implementation and over the years Ryan and his staff have played a tremendous role in supporting our team with solutions and custom reports and always in a timely manner. To this day we still use MED as resource for new hire training and process consultation as it relates to the integration of D-tools and our day to day business."

Russ Pritchard

Owner, The Audio Warehouse

"It was a true pleasure to work with Ryan Brown and MED. We contracted Media Environment Design to implement D-Tools as our bidding software solution. Ryan and his team have always been there for Triamp Group when we have had questions and needed help. His knowledge of the software is unprecedented.   We will continue to use MED's services in the years to come!"

Kevin Hill

Executive VP, Triamp Group Inc.

"All too often we only take the time to point out when there has been a problem, well, in this case I wanted to take a moment to let you know how much has gone right.  From my initial experiences with MED this past November during DTU, the subsequent on-line MIT classes and the most recent one-on-one trainings with Ryan, every session has been top shelf.  The skills that I have gained have enabled me to take our client presentation materials to a truly distinctive level.  The package that we present to our clients now further reinforces our company’s personality and most definitely helps ARC stand out among our local competition.  I believe that the documentation that we now provide no longer has that ‘form letter’ look to it, like it was generated as one of countless others, with just the name changed.             

My ability to absorb this information is directly related to Ryan’s patient approach.  He not only conveys the material in a friendly and helpful manner, but also allows me the opportunity to put it into practice and if needed, take over my computer and straighten out whatever mess I have created.  He has been more than generous with his time and has even gone the extra mile in solving some quirky issues. I also appreciate the convenience of the on-demand videos when I am ready to implement an aspect that I did not previously grasp or I simply need to refresh my understanding.  By no means have I mastered D-Tools, but with Ryan and the rest of the talented folks at MED, I believe I might one day wrestle it to a standstill!   

Again, thank you so much for your patience in teaching this old dog some new tricks.  And I would be most happy to speak to anyone considering MIT or MED services."


Anthony R. Baker

Automated Residential Concepts

“We worked with Ryan Brown from MED for training and implementation. Ryan has an in-depth knowledge of D-Tools and has a wealth of experience and best practices learned from helping other integrators. He helped us ensure that we set up our system in way that best fits our business. He is a great listener and did not take a “one size fits all approach.” He advised us of the pros and cons of every decision that we were to make in terms of our implementation.”

Marwan Moubarak

Managing Director

Federal Technologies Abu Dhabi

"I can only speak for our use so far, but I truly cannot imagine trying to launch such a complex and mission-critical software package without a clear understanding of how to easily implement best practices. We did a fair amount of research prior to purchasing D-Tools and had heard of companies who had abandoned implementation after a few months effort, simply because they couldn't determine how to mold the software to their particular needs. The MIT program allows us to do just that and has helped us avoid the most common implementation mistakes (creating an unmanageable database, for instance). We have found the on-demand videos to be a most excellent supplement to the on-line courses, allowing us to go back to a particular topic and explore issues as questions arise. In the off-chance that a questions arises that is not answered either by a live instructor or an on-demand video, the staff at MED have been quick to respond with a researched response. In short, we view MIT as our guide through the maze of implementation. So far, we have yet to encounter any brick walls." 


Steve Lehto


"Upon researching several software platform options for our company's goals, D-Tools was brought up on several occasions as one of the premier software applications for Home Audio Video Integration.  Upon further review, it was determined that it would conform to our business model and future goals perfectly.  We cannot begin to express how important the initial setup of process and database configuration is to a successful launch, implementation and day to day use of this software for a growing company seeking to reap the powerful rewards it delivers.

Our questions and requests for advice/ guidance during the implementation process and “dialing the software” to fit our business model have been handled with great care by the team at Media Environment Design.  The information and guidance in the Live Webinars from the “MIT” training program, Ideas/ Best Practice tips from the MIT Knowledgebase User Forum put forward by the MED Staff has been invaluable in avoiding some (now) obvious roadblocks that could have put unnecessary bumps in the road to a successful implementation.  

We do not believe there is a software application available on the market today that will be ready to use “out of the box” for any Integration Company that is truly devoted to providing clients with the best engineered systems available, which is why D-Tools has such a wide array of setup options to tailor itself to your particular business and target clientele.   With the support our company continues to receive from MED and D-Tools staff we continue to refine the powerful D-Tools software to best suit our company's ever growing goals of providing clients with truly integrated projects that simply just work."


Andy Nerdahl

Advanced Home Environments, Inc.

“After talking with Ryan from MED about MIT at the CEDIA trade show last year, I decided that the offer of unlimited training for my whole company for a year on D-tools was an opportunity not to be missed. How glad I am. Various members of our team have sat in on classes and are looking forward to trying out some of the new videos that are now available. Probably one of the best training investments we have made.”


Dean Gillings, Director

Flamingbox UK

"The MIT training is going very well. I truly like the fact that I can take courseware over and over again. It allows me to go back and refresh my memory on things forgotten or certain aspects of the software that I don’t use often."


Ivan A Cheng

Operations/Service Manager

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